Photos by Mark Willett

Kaytianna McMillan took her first gymnastics class at National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics when she was five years old and fell in love with the sport. She continued to train at and compete for NAAG until she graduated with honors from Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon in June 2013.

During high school she competed at level 10 and qualified for Nationals all four years. Her most successful year as a club gymnast was her senior year. She is the 2013 J.O. Nationals All-Around Champion. In addition, in the Sr. D division she tied for first on beam, and medaled on vault and floor. Leading up to Nationals, Kaytianna competed at the Nastia Liukin Cup, where she placed in the top three on vault, bars and floor, but had an off day on beam. The following week, she won every event and earned a score of 39.025 in the all-around at Emerald Team Challenge, her final home meet. Also, later that month she won every event in her age division at the Oregon State Championships.

Kaytianna wanted to earn a scholarship and compete for the Oregon State Beavers since she was young. She is now attending OSU and living that dream.



Season 2013:

J.O. National Championship 2013
All-Around Champion (All Ages)

(Sr. D) Vault 2nd (9.85), Beam 1st(T), Floor 4th(T),
All-Around 1st(38.50)

Regionals (Sr.D)
Vault 1st(9.65), Bars 2nd(9.625), All-Around 2nd

State 2013 (Sr 18+)
Vault 1st (9.75),  Bars 1st (9.675),  Beam 1st, 
Floor 1st, AA 1st (38.3)

Emerald Team Challenge
Vault 1st (9.85),  Bars 1st (9.8),  Beam 1st (9.6), 
Floor 1st (9.775)  AA 1st (39.025)

Nastia Liukin Cup
Vault 3rd(T) (9.90),  Bars 3rd(T),  Floor 2nd (9.675)

Gliders Invitational (Div. 18)
Vault 2nd (9.55),  Bars 1st (9.70),  Beam 1st,
Floor 1st (9.625),  AA 1st (38.325)

Battle in Bellevue:
Vault 1st (9.625),  Bars 2nd,  Beam 1st,
Floor 1st,  AA 1st

World Cup:
Vault 1st (9.70),  Bars 3rd, Beam 1st (9.525), 
Floor 1st, AA 1st (37.525) 

Jump Start:
Vault 1st (9.725), Bars 1st (9.500), Beam 1st (9.475),
Floor 1st (9.650), AA 1st (38.350)

Season 2012:

J.O. National Championships 2012 (Sr. B)
Vault 8th, Beam 3rd.

Regionals (Sr. B)
Vault 1st (9.75), Bars 2nd (9.60), Beam 1st,
AA 1st (37.65).
State 2012 (17+)
Vault 1st (9.8), Beam 2nd, AA 2nd
Emerald Team Challenge (Sr 17+):
Vault 1st (9.75), Beam 1st, Floor 1st (9.625),
All-Around 1st
MAC Open (Sr 17+):
Vault 1st, Bars 1st, Beam 1st, Floor 1st (9.65),
All-Around 1st (37.1)
OGA World Cup (Sr 17+):
Vault 1st, Beam 1st, Floor 3rd, All-Around 1st
SGA Invitational (Sr 17+):
Vault 1st, Beam 2nd, Bars 3rd, Floor 1st,
All-Around 1st (37.50).
Jump Start:
Vault 1st (9.80), Bars 1st, Beam 2nd, Floor 1st,
All-Around 1st.

Season 2011:

J.O. National Championships 2011 (Sr. A)
Vault 8th(T), Bars 18th(T), Beam 10th(T)
Floor 1st(T) (9.70), All-Around 5th (37.825)

Vault 1st,  Beam 1st .
Bars 3rd,  Beam 3rd,  All-Around 3rd.
Spirit of the Flame (Div. 2)
Vault 3rd, Beam 1st (T), Floor 1st,
All-Around 2nd.
Emerald Team Challenge (Jr. B)
Vault 1st, Bars 3rd, Floor 1st (9.70),
All-Around 1st.

Season 2010:

Qualified for Nationals

Region 2 Championships
(Jr C)
2nd vault, 3rd(T) floor
Oregon State Championships (Jr B)
1st vault, 2nd bars, 2nd all-around
Spirit of the Flame Challenge (Age 15)
2nd bars, 1st beam, 2nd floor,
2nd all-around
MAC Open (Jr 9-15)
3rd vault, 1st beam, 2nd floor,
2nd all-around
Metroplex Challenge (Level B session 5)
1st vault, 2nd(T) floor
Seattle Open (Jr D)
1st(T) vault, 1st bars, 1st all-around